The Orange County Intellectual Property Law Association (OCIPLA) is a non-profit organization founded in 1983. OCIPLA’s diverse membership includes local, non-local and out-of-state intellectual property law practitioners. The OCIPLA is open to all persons having an interest in intellectual property law including attorneys, patent agents, inventors, investors, legal assistants, paralegals, educators, students and other persons.

The OCIPLA is managed by a Board of Directors composed of members of OCIPLA. The composition of the Board of Directors changes annually (based on calendar year). You can view contact information for the current OCIPLA Board of Directors, a list of Past Presidents of the OCIPLA Board of Directors, and the OCIPLA Bylaws.

Our Mission

To serve the intellectual property law community in and around Orange County, California.

Our Vision

To provide continuing legal education for OCIPLA members as well as non-members, for the advancement of the community.

Board of Directors

Lauren Katzenellenbogen
Nate Camuti
Vice President
Mark Kertz
Marin Cionca
Sarah Bro
Third Year Director
Nicole Townes
Second Year Director